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Vitality Coaching

1 hour  /   $95

Vitality Coaching is when we work one-on-one to focus on how to overcome the hurdles that are blocking you from what you truly want. The work may begin with sifting through the noise to discover what it is that you truly want and then building a path to it.

Problems You Might be Experiencing:

Feeling Stuck in a Job/Career or Relationship


Overcoming Shame, Fear, & Doubt 

Lack of Self Confidence and/or Motivation

Feeling Directionless

Navigating Disruption & Seeking Change

A Desire to Explore Meaning & Purpose Through Grief

A Desire to Explore Creativity & Intuition

Sessions with me can provide space and compassion for the parts of you that are struggling to emerge and glow. Your time with me is about you. I am a mirror, a guide, and the kindling to your matchbook. Strike a spark with me, and your path will begin to reveal itself in the light. 

  On this path, there will be an exploration that can reveal an understanding of yourself. This understanding can help you discover an innate motivation and well-spring of confidence that you might not be quite sure of yet.

In my work, I believe that we are born with a raw passion and desire to be fully ourselves and to navigate the world with creativity and heart but our environments often do not embrace this. It is very difficult to navigate the chaotic world and live as individuals with depth, yearnings, creativity, and intuition. The work we do together is to remember this fire, is to tend this fire, and to light our own way by this fire. 

If you have sought me out, though, those embers are absolutely still alive. I can help support your work in gathering the resources to bring them to a full blaze, to live with vitality, depth, and the confidence to pursue the parts of life that you really want.

Our Work Can:

Refuel your Natural Energy

Re-align your Intuition and Actions

Reignite Creativity & Authenticity

Regain Empathy

Replace Negative Thought Patterns & Remember Internal Resources

Replenish Awareness & Self Love

*Virtual Sessions Available. Walk & Talk Sessions Coming*

Woodland Path

Wilderness Wellness

3 hours  /   $75


There is a feeling of awe that overcomes you when you step into a world apart from society, dense with life that is grander than words can explain.

To me, that feeling is the smell of rain. What is it for you?

In a guided Wilderness Wellness experience, we will quietly reconnect to our natural home, the maternal soil and branches that give us life to reset our cluttered minds and remember the intuitive path we're looking for.

I can guide you as an individual, private group, or public group. We will begin the morning with an introduction and invitation to be curious.  Each person's invitation will be private and tailored to their own needs and desires and experiences.

We will then quietly and individually explore a wilderness area. I will offer prompts as you get started but you may be inspired by your own thoughts as you weave between trees and ferns. We will gather in the end to share what wants to be shared over tea and snacks.

Wilderness Wellness expeditions will take place on an established trail outside of the Asheville, NC area. These are perfect opportunities for the individual seeking stillness and depth or for small groups looking for a way to take in, de-stress, and experience the true and ancient beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

When you register for Wilderness Wellness, you will also receive a personalized invitation for continued internal exploration, a handmade, pocket journal, and a wild herbal smoke bundle from Appalachian Sacred Smoke.



What is Wilderness Wellness?

Wilderness Wellness is founded on the concept of Forest Bathing. Japan coined this term in the 1990s, "shinrin-yoku" when researchers were studying the benefits of being in nature. Humans have intuitively known the benefits of being within our natural habitat for as long as we have existed, but the fast-paced, technology-driven world we are living in today has faded this knowledge. The difference is the tailored experience that is provided to each person based on the information they provide at registration, and what they bring to the exploration.

We must remember the power of kissing the ground with our bare feet, touching the bark of a tree, listening to a creek gurgle through the forest, and the smell of the Earthy air among us. Engaging in the forest like this not only promotes stress reduction and mental wellness but also enhances our understanding of our place in the world. Respect for our habitats can help us be better stewards of the land we live on and use.




Who do I work with?

I work with teens and adults who are struggling to take their next steps, who have big dreams and big doubts, and who desire guidance and compassion to spark their journey forward.

All people are welcome to work with me. I commit to meet you where you are, to understand your background and culture, and to respect the differences we each bring to the process.



Please note that if cost is a true barrier to you getting the support you deserve, reach out to me about sliding scale options available to those in need. 


Coaching is not therapy and I cannot diagnose or offer treatment plans. Therapy can be a wonderful resource and if concerns and needs arise that need a licensed therapist's guidance and insight, I will provide a list of quality referrals.


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